Artist: David HongJ He
Born in 1963 . Live in San Francisco California. Japan University master degree in sculpture in 1990s. Started painting in childhood and refined his art skills with over thirty years of art creation. He is most recognized for his intricate micro-carvings - tiny pieces of art barely visible to the naked eye. He was so successful in micro-scrimshaw Ivory that he received two World Guinness Record awards! His works have been awarded in numerous overseas exhibitions and are collected by many countries and prominent collectors.


In the April 2013,MOYAN portrait of Scrimshaw works for exhibition at The first Art Festival of Weifang and won a gold medal.

In the May 2012,won ISO2012 art value standard certificate for Ministry culture of China.

In the November 2010,Was awarded the Culture Award of China Mencius Culture Festival and hired as consultants..

In the 1998,Monalisa and American constitution of Micro-scrimshaw works won two World Guinness Record awards!.

In the 1992, Tokyo Art Exhibition.

In the October 1991. Lifeng portrait of micro-works has been collected by the Lifeng museum of civilization.

In the September 1990 .micro-Scrimshaw"culture" work for exhibition at the Beijing- Osaka arts exhibition,and won a China Arts and Crafts qualification certificate

In In the 1990s. 100 formations of pandas Micro-Scrimshaw works at the 11th asian games as a state ceremony

In the 1990s.Micro-Scrimshaw works Series for exhibition at the spring of May fine arts exhibition,and won a best works medal.

In Canada, expo 1988, exhibitors and scrimshaw works quebec won a medal.

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